Synthetic decorative poly mesh ribbon/netting is also known as Deco Poly Mesh, Floral Deco Mesh,Floral Mesh,mesh netting,art mesh,floral wrap mesh and other trade names.Commonly the mesh contains metallic foil threads interwoven in or in solid colors.Poly mesh has a bit of a stretch to it, but retains it’s shape when bunched, pouffed or made into loops.The material is durable,waterproof and great for outdoor use and delicate enough for indoor use.100% Polyester and a width of 6”mesh ribbon,10” & 21” standard rolls available.Deco mesh can be used to make floral arrangement,decorate Christmas trees,make wreaths, garlands bows,wrapping favors & gifts or create beautiful accents for your wedding,party,Easter,Christmas or other special event.

You can get a wide range of designs & colors below-floral mesh wrap solid colors widely used,two-toned holiday floral mesh wraps come in different color combinations including the eternally popular apple green with crimson red. Other patterns include different color or texture combinations.Sinofloral-The Best Floral Deco Poly Mesh Wraps Manufacturer in China!

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