Deco mesh now is widely used for making deco mesh wreath, and it is known by many names such as Poly Mesh, Geo Mesh, Mesh Netting, Vinyl Mesh, Floral Wrap Mesh, Art Mesh and other names as well. Made of polypropylene, poly mesh can be recognised easily by its unique characteristics. Deco mesh is one of the most vibrant&versatile craft materials you will ever have the pleasure to work with.

deco mesh suppliers UK

You can get deco mesh suppliers from U.S.A easily,however,you are not that able to find one from UK.We got about 35-45 inquires every month from retailers or public from UK.But at Sinofloral,we do wholesale to trade only,we don’t want to sell directly to this market,that is why we are now looking for a sole distributor at UK market.If you do holiday decor business,such as Christmas floral pick,sprays or wreath,garland,please contact us for further talk.We believe deco mesh produced at SINOFLORAL could be something best sellers at your category.

At SINOFLORAL, deco mesh is available in a myriad of patterns, colors and textures. The best selling poly mesh rolls are 6″, 10″, 21″ in width and 10 yards in length. Other customized widths are available and welcome. We PRODUCE&WHOLESALE!

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