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Cotton Vender Item Wholesale #64108


* Cotton stems wholesale & designed at Sinofloral – a manufacturer who always offers up to date floral crafts at affordable prices as well as great quality.These cotton floral crafts feature natural branches,wreath,swag or stem/picks with lifelike bolls,each one has hand wrapped stem/work form. Its combination of nature and craft inspiration makes it an excellent addition in holiday decor.To decorate your Christmas tree or to make wreath with this floral pick.A bundle of them makes an elegant addition to any dry vase arrangement or other craft project.We are the trend leader as well as the natural resources.You can get catalog online and updates every month by joining our mailing list.Get more information and exclusive price list today by clicking below “INQUIRY NOW” or ask for free samples(not for public) as well.Customized designs welcome!

* Highlight: real cotton wool bolls

* Measures:approx 65cm with cotton ball diameter approx 5cm

* Color(s):natural

* Item No.:64108

* MOQ:100 pcs


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